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NEC’s Promotional Marketing & Fulfilment Program Creates Real Business Value

Promotional Merchandise and Fulfilment programs are powerful channels that can help increase brand awareness, enhance customer experience, and boost sales. However, with lots of moving pieces, managing a national promotional merchandise program or campaign can be complex and time-consuming.

The Opportunity for Real Business Value Creation

The Opportunity for Real Business Value Creation

A notebook with the words "THIRD-PARTY LOGISTICS" written on it.
A notebook with the words "THIRD-PARTY LOGISTICS" written on it

Many businesses are currently facing the critical need to transform their promotional merchandise program. This is majorly motivated by a history of challenges and shortcomings that they had experienced in their previous promotional efforts. A few of these pivotal issues are:

  • Cumbersome online ordering
  • Outdated products
  • Inconsistency with stock levels
  • Unreliable logistics
  • Disorganized storage and distribution
  • Lack of reporting and transparency

NEC Australia, a leading technology solutions provider, identified the opportunity to create real business value by transporting this part of their marketing operations function. NEC was on the lookout for a new strategic partner that could bring best practice excellence to their promotional merchandise program. VooDu Marketing seized this opportunity to not only rectify these challenges, but also to enhance NEC’s merchandise offerings, streamline their ordering process, and design an impeccable user experience.

Turning Challenges & Opportunities, into a Defining Solution

Turning Challenges & Opportunities, into a Defining Solution

1. Identifying Value-Adding Products

As a first step, the VooDu team conducted a comprehensive analysis of NEC’s current product offerings and identified opportunities to enhance NEC’s merchandise portfolio. Our recommendations extended beyond the mere addition of products, they were aligned with the company’s vision and values, strengthening the overall merchandise catalogue.

2. Inventory Reconciliation

The VooDu team embarked on a mission to bring order to the merchandise and stock count. We left no stone unturned ensuring that every product was accounted for. This process was integral to rectifying past discrepancies, providing clarity, and ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

3. Seamless Online Ordering & Custom Web Application Development

VooDu designed and developed a new online merchandise & fulfilment platform for NEC Australia. This user-friendly system streamlined the entire ordering process from start to finish allowing the NEC employees to place orders with ease, reliability, confidence, and speed. It features captivating visuals, informative details, and all the functionality you’d expect from a top-tier e-commerce solution.

4. 3PL Warehousing System

VooDu’s 3PL warehousing system is your assurance of dependable and error-free logistics. We accurately track your products from start to finish, ensuring they reach their destination on time, every time. This commitment to accountability means your goods are in safe hands, and you have real-time access to their status.

These strategies not only have strengthened collaboration within the NEC organization, but also yields a significant return on investment, and optimize the allocation of their marketing dollars.

By partnering with a well-versed Marketing and fulfilment agency to handle both simple & complex tasks, NEC has found invaluable support and relief from the associated challenges.

How to Choose the Right Promotional Marketing & Fulfilment Solutions Provider

How to Choose the Right Promotional Marketing & Fulfilment Solutions Provider
A man typing on a laptop computer with a checkmark and icons on a hexagon background, representing productivity, efficiency, and success
  • Multi-channel Marketing Experience: The Promotional Marketing Solutions provider should have experience working with both simple and complex business operational needs including having a robust capability across merchandising strategy, promotional marketing, digital marketing, and IT/web development.
  • Promotional Merchandise Services: The provider should offer a wide range of promotional marketing services, such as product design, sourcing, and branding, along with warehousing and fulfilment.
  • Solid Web Application Experience: The provider has cutting-edge technology to streamline your operations and make it easy for you to place and manage orders.
  • Client Services & Responsiveness: Like VooDu, they should have a reputation for providing excellent customer service and a proven track record exceeding expectations.

Bonus: Expert Strategies for Marketers, by Marketers.

VooDu’s strategies are crafted by seasoned marketers with deep industry experience and knowledge. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach common in the industry, we offer multi-directional insights that will elevate your program to new heights.

Benefits of Partnering with an Experienced Promotional Marketing & Fulfilment Solutions Provider

Benefits of Partnering with an Experienced Promotional Marketing & Fulfilment Solutions Provider
Two colleagues giving hi-fi to each other in a warehouse showing a successful celebration

When you are in the market for a Merchandise Program to support employee/client/partner engagement initiatives, you are seeking more than just a simple solution. It’s not just about selecting merchandise, it’s about…

  • Streamlined operations: A solutions provider can handle all aspects of your promotional marketing and branded merchandise program. From product design, and sourcing to ordering, warehousing, and fulfillment, they take care of it all. This frees up your time and resources, allowing you to concentrate on other critical aspects of marketing and overall business operations.
  • Cost savings: The provider will excel at saving you money on your promotional marketing and merchandise expenses. They leverage their industry knowledge to negotiate bulk discounts and employ efficient fulfilment methods, resulting in cost-effective operations. Achieving economies of scale becomes a reality with their assistance. 
  • Improved marketing results: The solutions provider will help you achieve your marketing goals, with less effort and resources. They will help you develop and implement the best-in-class promotional marketing and branded merchandise programs, nationally and internationally.
  • Stress-Free Management: With the right solutions provider, you can redirect your focus to core sales and marketing responsibilities. They handle all aspects of the program, including reporting, this will ensure that you can operate without the worry of program management.

The BIG Picture

The BIG Picture

NEC’s success story with VooDu Marketing showcases the power of a strategic promotional partner that will help you create Real Business Value. Our expertise in strategy, inventory, custom products, web development, and multi-channel execution elevates your brand and drives results.

A strong strategic partnership can be an asset for a streamlined, value-driven merchandise program that reflects your marketing goals.

Partnerships That Create Real Business Value

Partnerships That Create Real Business Value

With over 30 years of experience, we take pride in being the go-to partner for trusted Promotional Marketing and Merchandise.

Our modern approach blends innovation seamlessly into your marketing strategy forging connections with your customers through digital and experiential marketing techniques.

Contact VooDu Marketing today to give your business the recognition it truly deserves and achieve success beyond just numbers.

So, what are you waiting for?

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