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Creative & Digital Design

Design is many things. It’s a connection, it’s art and it defines how others see you.

Melbourne Full Service Creative Agency Built to Service Your Customers

The VooDu Marketing Creative Studio is purpose-built and structured to serve your customer’s “real” multichannel experience. Take a peek inside our Carlton Studio and you’ll find brand designers working side by side with developers, social media and content specialists.

The free flow of insights and imaginative ideas, in real-time, results in memorable outcomes across the full spectrum of creative services. We specialise in visual, motion, digital, personalised and structural (3D) design.

Collaborative Digital Design

Today, a consistent digital presence is critical in presenting a unified brand experience. We focus on user experience design, prototyping and customer journey mapping to optimize your online performance. Whether it’s converting online sales or driving paid traffic to a landing page the design be results driven and fit for purpose.

You're only as good as your last win, not your last Award

Melbourne full service creative agency built to service your customers

Awards are nice, successful design projects and customers are better. Our talented creative team are driven by a continual improvement mindset, and they never rest on their laurels. We create assets that transform evolving insights into connection points.

Our design work cuts through, and shapes the buyer’s concept, attitudes, and behaviour across a multichannel marketing model. Design orientated brands are winning the race for the customer retention, profitability, and growth.

Melbourne full service creative agency built to service your customers
Creative & art direction

Creative & Art Direction

Our Creative Directors will work with you to develop your creative strategy for each project. The same direction and support is applied across the creative production process. Our Art Directors will monitor your project to ensure consistency, no matter how large or small the project.

Photography, Retouching and Finished Art

Our photographers and creative stylists will produce emotive images that tell your brand story with presence. Our full-service creative studio team will manage your entire content production process. Including – pre-production, photo shoots, stock imagery selection, post-production and finished art.

Our producers, art directors, creative stylists and finished artists, will deliver on any size brief or campaign. From social media to high-quality print campaigns, we have the expertise to produce.

Personalised Video Content and Creative Video Production

Motion Video ignites emotion. We have a full video/motion offering, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, pre-production, directing, live-action, animation, CGI, voice-overs and post-production. Let’s get started on your social content, brand communications and internal training videos. We convert creative inspiration into engaging video content, delivered seamlessly across the multichannel spectrum.

Looking after your brand image is a lifelong commitment. It needs lots of your time, commitment, dollars and nurturing. Partner with the Full Service Creative Agency that is as committed to the well-being of your brand, as you are.

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