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10 Free Email Templates Marketers Need to Close a Sale

We all write emails on a daily basis. But, drafting one that can close a sale is not necessarily an easier task. It is difficult to determine the tone, voice, and the content of the email without insisting too much on the sale or being too pushy.

The 4 steps you can take to improve Local Google search rankings

Are you a small or medium local business depending on foot or local online? Then local Google search rankings can be a very good source of generating leads. Being a small or medium brings lots of challenges.
UHFO Cinemagraphy

Cinemagraphy: Helping you cut through the noise

We are living in a cluttered world where everyone is trying to get their message across. So, in order to break through the noise, marketers are constantly pursue new methods, technology and tricks to gain consumers’ attention even for a second...

Bounce Rate: 8 hacks to reduce it on your website

Bounce rate is a metric relating to visits on a webpage in which a visitor left your website from the entrance page without interacting with the content or the page. It is one of the most powerful metric provided by Google Analytics but ignored by many marketers...

The Ultimate Guide to Capturing And Converting Facebook Leads

Facebook has a massive community with approximately 1.5 billion active users which equates to nearly a quarter of people on Earth. Let’s just pause for a moment…. Do you know what that means?  It means that more likely than not your existing and prospective customers use Facebook...
Importing From China

Importing from China To Australia: 6 Things You Should Know

The benefits of importing from China to Australia will always…