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Cinemagraphy: Helping you cut through the noise

What is Cinemagraphy

We are living in a cluttered world where everyone is trying to get their message across. So, in order to break through the noise, marketers are constantly pursue new methods, technology and tricks to gain consumers’ attention even for a second.

Cinemagraphy was birthed for that very reason. It is a still image with subtle looping video of certain elements in the image.

This new marketing method promises to grab attention because it intrigues and mesmerises the viewer’s mind to think that the image is still but it does otherwise. It makes them to have a second look.

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Where and how can we apply Cinemagraphy?

In Ads of course! These are non-intrusive and non-disruptive ways to reach your target audience. The best thing about cinemagraphy is that once the video has been created, it can easily be re-purposed for different marketing mediums like FB, Instagram, EDM, Website, Blog, Tumblr etc..

Facebook – recognises the idea and has been urging advertisers/sponsors to use them in their advertisements which works really well because Facebook has an autoplay video function and does not support GIF animation.

Instagram – a visually driven social media is also another great platform to showcase cinemagraphy adverts. They are increasingly being used in paid advertising over the past year.

EDMs – We go through hundreds of emails from advertisers everyday, hence the tiniest and slightest innovation could make your EDM stand out from the rest.

Website – The subtle and non-intrusive nature of this approach is the reason why companies use them as a web banner for that point of difference.

Blog – For the same reasons as above, there’s a rise in popularity for Blog and Tumblr users to incorporate this into their post.

“According to Mr. Homza, Flixel helped create a cinemagraph banner ad for Panasonic’s Lumix range of cameras. The cinemagraph version of the ad was clicked 60% more than the static version, he said. Other banner ads Flixel has created have performed up to 80% better than static banner ads, Mr. Homza added.” Source: The Wall Street Journal

What better time to engaged with cinemagraph adverts especially when Instagram has adopted ad business with shoppable and targeted links in their platform.

What to learn more? To get started with cinemagraphy today – click here to email me.

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