What is a modern marketer?

What Makes A Modern Marketer?

We’ve all heard the terms digital marketing, on-line marketing & internet marketing being discussed by every agency, client, blogger, student, marketer across the globe. Some of these same people used to talk about traditional marketing, but not so much of late

Today significant budget is being spent on digital marketing & if you believe the surveys, Australians are the most confident worldwide in their ability to deliver digital marketing results. We are also the most motivated to learn more about digital marketing. Nicely done Australia.

So, while we all understand the importance of digital marketing, it’s only one channel that can be utilised to support your buyer’s journey. It is a necessity for a business to have a digital presence, but for most it should not be the only game in town. This makes it even more important for a modern-day marketer & his/her team to be experienced across the entire spectrum.

Today, a digital marketer needs to be comfortable with SEO, google (analytics, webmaster tools, trends, AdWords), Facebook marketing, m automation & workflows, retargeting, website development & mobile marketing. On the other hand understanding printing methods, merchandising, signage are critical for the effectiveness of certain campaigns.

A modern marketing team has the ability to sit with a stakeholder and develop a local, regional or national campaign that delivers on agreed goals and objectives. Whether it’s a mix of radio, television, Social Media or Google Adwords, a modern-day marketer should be able to advise, plan and execute.

What Is Modern Marketing?

Modern Marketing

Modern Marketing is the art and science of fusing traditional and digital marketing techniques that are aligned with the customer’s journey and supported by automation technology.

Marketing has always been about targeting and supporting your ideal buyer’s journey. The challenge in the traditional sense has always been about how to accurately measure the return on television, radio, press, merchandising, branding, etc.. The art / design work in any campaign is critical to a campaign’s success as it needs to be creative enough to evoke a response. Art is always a risk; it can be an acquired taste that even with the right amount of research can still fail.

Digital marketing isn’t always pretty, it may not have a ‘wow’ factor like some of the traditional methods but it’s much more accountable. With ongoing adjustment, you should be able to influence your results and scale. Being able to look at insights and make decisions based on data is a powerful thing, and having the experience to do it is what makes a modern marketer so valuable. I don’t think anyone can claim to be an expert in everything but I believe if you have an understanding of most things digital and most things traditional you’ll make one hell of a modern marketer.

So, Who Is a Modern Marketer?

A modern marketer is someone who understands the buyer’s journey and has the confidence to utilise the right message, tactic, channel & technology to enhance the customer experience, at that point

A modern marketer creates art from data & analytics.

A true modern marketer is a rare commodity & should be paid more!

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