The 4 steps you can take to improve Local Google search rankings

Are you a small or medium local business depending on foot or local online? Then local Google search rankings can be a very good source of generating leads.

Being a small or medium brings lots of challenges. To start with, you compete with large online businesses that dominate nationwide searches through paid ads & SEO. Also, most products or services are available online, making it hard for brick-and-mortar businesses to get more local customers and traffic.

This is where local search comes into play, but you need to follow these 4 simple steps in order to stay ahead of the pack.

1. Claim your Google My Business Listing – The very first step is to register your business on Google My Business. Some businesses may already have a listing, while others have to create a new one.

If your business is listed, simply claim the listing through your Google Account.

If your business is not listed, simply create your own Google My Business Account.

TIP: You will get a postcard by mail, from Google within 2 weeks to verify your address. The postcard consists of a verification code that needs to be entered in your Google My Business Account. When done, you have created your Google Business Listing.

2. Add correct Company Name, Address, Phone & Website – Creating your Google Business Listing is just the start. Once it has been done, head to Google Business Dashboard, add or verify your company name, address, phone number and website address (if available). This will be the information that Google provides when someone searches for your business name.

Tip: Businesses listed on Google Business usually appear in search results as web users search for local businesses with keywords, e.g., sushi Melbourne. With the help of the information displayed, these web users might walk in, call your business or browse your website. So, it is vital you have the correct information; otherwise, your Google local search results are wasted.

3. List your business & website in local directories – In addition to Google My Business, there are other directories that are considered a good source for information. Adding your business to these directories will provide more relevance to your business locations. It will also help you to get traffic (both foot & online) from sources other than Google Listings.

Tip: Not all directories are relevant or a good referral source. Also, if you add too many listings at one time, it might result in being blacklisted from Google for black hat practices. If this hard to follow, contact for further information on how to avoid this disaster happening to your business.

4. Be Social – Many of us use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. on a daily basis. But did you know you can create business pages on these platforms to connect with your target audience? With the help of social media presence, you can advertise as well as communicate with your audience on a regular basis.

Tip: Facebook is the most popular social media platform used by masses. Setting it up, posting on it regularly & engaging your customers, might be stressful. We encourage you to call VooDu Marketing on 03 9077 4888 today to discuss our Social Media Packages.

Optimising a business for local search provides a wealth of opportunity for small or medium businesses that need organic search to drive traffic to their location. The competition for ranking well in local listings is growing and it is vital that your business has the right strategy in place.

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